Plum Street Remodel: After

Plum Street Remodel: After

May 01, 2019

A Contemporary Renovation in San Diego Focuses on Coastal Views & Indoor-Outdoor Living

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Fotsch shared the renovation goals and design precision employed to renovate the 3,700-square-foot Plum Street home. 

Showcasing the home’s spectacular views, maximizing the interiors to embrace the warm Southern California climate, and supporting indoor-outdoor living, were the top priorities in this full house renovation.

To achieve these goals, design firm principal Andy Fotsch looked to Kolbe Windows & Doors, and selected products exclusively from the VistaLuxe® Collection for their “simple square profile” with minimal frames. The collection’s black extruded aluminum exterior elegantly outlines each opening to match the home’s contemporary style, while accentuating the views. A dark ebony stain was chosen for the interior wood frames to give a “warmth and dimension that relates to the home’s casual coastal feel,” he explains.

In addition to selecting the right window and door products for the project, Fotsch shared several examples of the design precision employed to renovate the Plum Street home.


Tour the Plum Street Home – After

San Diego, CA - Plum Street Home
The exterior was transformed with a modern facade, including an extended courtyard and simplified landscaping. The front gate was also painted plum, honoring the street name and providing a memorable detail for guests when they visit.


San Diego, CA - Plum Street Home - kitchen
In order to create a more open, light and spacious kitchen, the upper level floor system was reframed to maximize the height of the doors and take them all the way to the ceiling. The expansive multi-slide doors from Kolbe provide a seamless transition to the outdoors and an uninterrupted view of the harbor.


San Diego, CA - Plum Street Home - living room
Originally, the kitchen was in the center of the house disrupting the flow between the dining room and the living room. Flipping the rooms allowed for the addition of the fireplace in the great room. “The stone you see in the front courtyard and in the great room has a windblown sand-washed finish, which brings in a nod to the natural stone and sand of the coastline,” Fotsch says.


San Diego, CA - Plum Street Home - great room
Fotsch reframed the great room, adding 14” to the overall height of the space in order to accommodate eight-foot-tall Kolbe multi-slide doors with transom windows above—dramatically highlighting the home’s most spectacular view. “Often, all the doors and windows are open, and the breeze through the house is wonderful. Everything can be open with the natural air flowing and the sun shining through the house,” adds Fotsch.


Plum Street San Diego, CA - Parlor
The former dining room was converted into a sitting nook just off the living room, which the family now affectionately refers to as the "parlor." Kolbe French doors provide outdoor access and a tranquil view from the new great room into the front courtyard.


San Diego, CA - Plum Street Home - great room
Due to the slope of the site, there was a very large crawl space with areas that were more than 9 feet tall. Excavating and adding a lower level allowed for functional spaces such as a game room, pool bath and exercise room. “The homeowners wanted a nightclub vibe with framed views of the city nighttime lights,” explained Fotsch.


San Diego, CA - Plum Street Home - outer deck
The multi-slide doors on the lower level connect the house to the functional decks and terraces, along with the new pool that was raised six feet above the ground. All of these elements work together to achieve a modern look, while reinforcing the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.


San Diego, CA - Plum Street Home - kitchen
In addition to city views, nautical themes largely inspired the color and material selection. Fotsch expanded on this saying, “Navy is the main color accent throughout the residence. Navy is a thread that connects throughout the house. The island cabinet color is called ‘In the Navy.’ Brass plumbing fixtures and lighting throughout the house is a nod to nautical elements. The blue in the wallpaper also ties in well with the blue of the Coronado Bay Bridge.”


San Diego, CA - Plum Street Home - view
The Plum Street residence’s modern, coastal design draws extensively from its surroundings. “Ultimately, however, this project was all about the views – and framing the views beautifully was super critical,” Fotsch notes.