Performance Class & Grade

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ProductKolbe PerformanceProduct ConfigurationAir Tested to psfWater Tested to Pa (psf)Performance Class and GradeDesign Pressure Pa (psf)Max WidthMax HeightFL #TDI #
PositiveNegativeInches (mm) Inches (mm)
Forgent Series Replacement Double HungImpact 4Single1.57470 Pa (9.82 psf) LC-PG55 H+2640 Pa (55.14 psf)-2640 Pa (55.14 psf)44111875190522655In Process
Forgent Series Replacement Double HungStandardSingle1.57360 Pa (7.52 psf) LC-PG50 H+2400 Pa (50.13 psf)-2400 Pa (50.13 psf)44111875190522655WIN-2328
Forgent Series Replacement Double Hung PictureImpact 4Single1.57470 Pa (9.82 psf) LC-PG65 FW+3120 Pa (65.16 psf)-3120 Pa (65.16 psf)60152480203222242WIN-2327
Forgent Series Replacement Double Hung PictureStandardSingle1.57360 Pa (7.52 psf) LC-PG50 FW+2400 Pa (50.13 psf)-2400 Pa (50.13 psf)60152480203222242WIN-2330

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