Sustainable Design

Kolbe’s windows and doors are designed and built with performance and durability in mind, lasting for generations without taking a toll on our natural environment.

Sustainability at Kolbe

Kolbe products can contribute to sustainable design projects because they are durable and energy efficient. Durability means that they will function consistently for a long time – making effective use of the resources required. Efficient windows and doors help reduce the amount of energy that must be used to heat or cool buildings, and thereby mitigate costs.
Kolbe windows and doors are built using materials that are renewable, recycled and/or recyclable. Plus, low-VOC finishes are applied carefully, with the environment in mind. We stand behind the quality of the products leaving our factories, as proven by our generous, transferable warranties.

Materials & Resources

Material selection is key when it comes to green building rating systems. Kolbe meets these strict standards by:

  • Sourcing components from within 500 miles of our factory
  • Using renewable resources such as pine and other wood species sourced from managed forests
  • Achieving Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody certification, as have many of our distributors, to provide FSC-certified wood windows and doors (FSC license code FSC-C019541)

During the manufacturing process, we maximize lumber usage in our products, while integrating some recycled content:

  • Ultra Series extruded aluminum billet consists of 50-75% recycled material
  • Standard glass used in our products contains 25-30% recycled content

Indoor Environmental Quality

Green building practices also address concerns about our environmental air quality and the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Kolbe demonstrates environmental responsibility by:

  • Utilizing a fully encapsulated process that destroys the VOCs when applying our wood treatment and 70% PVDF fluoropolymer exterior finish
  • Offering interior pre-finishing with water-based, low VOC stains and paints, eliminating the inconvenience of field-application, clean-up and disposal

By choosing high-quality products that will last for decades, you have taken important steps toward reducing your carbon footprint.

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