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AI201 Striking a Balance with Symmetry & Style, Traditional Project

My vision: Balance traditional and modern with symmetry and style.

Andy Fotsch, Principal Designer, Will & Fotsch Architects, Inc.

"The homeowners wanted their house to look like it had been there for a 100 years. Surrounded by the stone walls, the slender frames of the windows look like steel – just like they made windows years ago – classic and elegant."

Over 60 custom crafted windows and doors from Kolbe's versatile Ultra Series allow for a timeless design that successfully balances the past with the present.

Andy Fotsch, Principal Designer
Will & Fotsch Architects, Inc. | La Jolla, CA

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A1600 Historic Inspiration, Modern Performance, Traditional Project

My vision: Blend historical accuracy and modern day performance.

Laura Fisher Altman, AIA, Principal, LFA Architecture

"The BAR doesn't want new houses to look like 'fake' old homes, but they do want them to be appropriately designed. Using quality materials and construction along with traditional detailing helped create a house that fits in with the neighborhood without pretending to be an historic house."

Laura Fisher Altman, AIA, principal
LFA Architecture | Charleston, SC

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AJ107 Modern Organic Home, Contemporary Project

My vision: Create a modern, organic home that harmonizes with the landscape.

Stuart Narofsky, FAIA, Narofsky Architecture

Enveloped by nature, this dynamic home in Rumson, New Jersey, connects to the landscape with its layered floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. Kolbe's VistaLuxe® Collection provides clean lines and large expanses of glass for uninterrupted views.

"We were trying to get some sort of verticality, so that it appears the house doesn’t just hover into the ground, but also rises up to the sky."

Stuart Narofsky, FAIA
Narofsky Architecture | Long Island City, NY

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AH808 Plum Street Remodel, Contemporary Project

My vision: Renovate the home to embrace the surrounding views.

Andy Fotsch, Principal Designer, Will & Fotsch Architects, Inc.

A 1960s home was updated and transformed with expansive windows and sliding patio doors.

"This project was all about the views – and framing the views beautifully was super critical," said Fotsch.  "We really focused on opening it up and making it feel more connected."

Andy Fotsch, Principal Designer
Will & Fotsch Architects, Inc. | La Jolla, CA

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AH425 Cliffhanger, Contemporary Project

My vision: Create a calming environment integrated with nature.

Manny Trinca, AIBC, Principal, Trinca Architecture, Inc.

"We wanted to create a space that was fluid and open; one that blurs the boundaries of inside to the outside. It was important that the interconnectivity of the spaces and the relationship to the outdoors allowed for a deeper connection to nature."

Manny Trinca, AIBC, Principal
Trinca Architecture, Inc. | Vancouver, BC

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AG506 Framing the View, Transitional Project

My vision: Create view corridors that interact with the landscape.

Jamie Daugaard, AIA NCARB LEED AP, Centre Sky Architecture

"To have a good start and a really strong ending, you need the four components of an owner, architect, general contractor, and interior designer. If those components can be integrated, especially in the early parts of the design, it makes for a very strong design at the end."

Jamie Daugaard, AIA NCARB LEED AP
Centre Sky Architecture | Big Sky, MT

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AG717 Over Yonder Farm, Transitional Project

My vision: Create a relaxed family home that mixes modern with farmhouse in Montana.

Greg Dennee, AIA/Partner, Locati Architects & Interiors

"Yonder Farm is a functioning 150-acre farm, with this home at its core. Its style mixes the agricultural heritage of the area with the owners' Scandinavian influences, industrial salvage, rustic and reclaimed materials, all tied together with a uniquely modern vibe. We even mixed two styles of Kolbe windows, using both the VistaLuxe® Collection products to cleanly frame and grid the mountain views, and the [Ultra Series] Sterling double hungs to reinforce the farmhouse aesthetic."

Greg Dennee, AIA/Partner
Locati Architects & Interiors | Bozeman, MT

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AG402 Calhoun Parkway, Contemporary Project

Our vision: Challenged by a narrow urban lot, our primary design goal was a transparent connection from the backyard through to the lake.

Lars Peterssen, AIA, and Gabriel Keller, Assoc. AIA, Peterssen/Keller Architecture

"As designers, we appreciate the way Kolbe's VistaLuxe® windows and sliding doors integrated naturally into our organic modern design," stated Lars.

Gabriel added, "Kolbe's sleek modern profiles with divided lites helped us satisfy the clients' desire for a modern home with traditional references."

Gabriel Keller, Assoc. AIA and Lars Peterssen, AIA
Peterssen/Keller Architecture | Minneapolis, MN

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AF506 The C-House, Contemporary Project

My vision: Designing spaces that expand visually beyond the physical boundaries by providing unobstructed views to the outdoor surroundings.

Janvin Lowe, Founder, kree8 Design Inc."In tight urban neighbourhoods such as this one on the west side of Vancouver, we always look for opportunities to break outside of the mold of the traditional homes that typically have introverted views of the exterior yards and the greened streetscapes beyond.

"With large maple trees that line the street's boulevard and a brand new landscaped front and rear yard... we knew we had to give our clients, who love to entertain, the ability to command a space that goes beyond the physical boundaries of the indoors and to immerse themselves along with their guests in their immediate lush outdoor surroundings. And that's where Kolbe's VistaLuxe® windows and doors came in. They are able to achieve this on so many different levels."

Janvin Lowe, Founder
kree8 Design Inc. | Vancouver, BC
Photos courtesy CMGT Construction Group

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AD502 little_Big House, Contemporary Project

My vision: The desire for an urban presence, while creating privacy from the surrounding context.

Robert Maschke, FAIA, Robert Maschke Architects"The material palette is simple and elegant. The exterior facade is black stucco concrete with a color matched metal folding wall and roof accentuated by clear anodized aluminum clad wood windows of various shapes and sizes.

"Through strategic window locations, ample light is playfully introduced to enhance the texture and patterns of the interior architecture. The monumental stairwell is veiled in white perforated steel panels.  These patterns were developed through a material transposition inspired by the millwork and the study of light passing through a bamboo forest. This offers the family peace and privacy within the energetic urban neighborhood."

Robert Maschke, FAIA
Robert Maschke Architects | Cleveland, OH

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AD800 Overlooking Okanagan, Contemporary Project

My vision: Unobstructed views of the lake from every room.

James Wilson, Wilson & Co., Ltd."The windows connect you to the natural environment and they bring natural light to the home... it's also very important that they just kind of disappear. You don't want to pay attention to the window itself. You want it just to frame the view and disappear, which is exactly what VistaLuxe does.

"The views were number one. I think even more important from what I picked up from [the homeowners] was the importance of making sure we were connected to the lake from every room."

James Wilson
Wilson & Co., Ltd. | Kelowna, BC

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AE106 Green Living in Gap Cove, Coastal Project

My vision: Maximum light and views; minimal frame size.

William Ruhl, Architect, Ruhl Walker Architects"In keeping with the great views, we wanted large windows. We factored this into our metrics of sustainability. We knew we needed an excellent U-value since we're in such an exposed location. We stayed warm in winter even when the heat wasn't on. It was very comfortable sitting right next to the largest windows in the middle of winter.

"I chose VistaLuxe for the sightlines, maximum light and views, and minimal frame size."

William Ruhl, Architect & Homeowner
Ruhl Walker Architects | Gap Cove, MA

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AC113 Barefoot on Rosemary Beach, Coastal Project

My vision: Focus the views toward the interior courtyard while maintaining privacy from the streets.

Mark Tanney, TanneyDesign"Designing in Rosemary Beach is a challenge, given the climate, aesthetic, and strict design code, but Kolbe is an easy choice. Their folding door coordinates so well with their French doors and casements. Kolbe always presents my vision in the best light."

Mark Tanney
TanneyDesign | Rosemary Beach, FL

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AD601 Treehouse Retreat, Traditional Project

My vision: Create a treehouse effect while opening up incredible views of the verdant side courtyard.

Leslie Barry Davidson, AIA, L. Barry Davidson Architects"The windows open up the house dramatically which helps transparency on a narrow lot. The exterior comes into the house through the large picture windows in the dining room and study. The exterior color was a unique light sage green that blended with all the trees in the neighborhood."

Leslie Barry Davidson, AIA
L. Barry Davidson Architects | Houston, TX

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AB301 Moonlight Basin, Transitional Project

My vision: Seduce the soul by capturing stunning views.

Bryan Krannitz, AIA, Krannitz Kent Architects

"The views in Big Sky country will take your breath away. In this home, a custom wall of windows from Kolbe created the perfect frame for the sweeping natural beauty."

Bryan Krannitz, AIA
Krannitz Kent Architects | Seattle, WA

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Z710 Russian River Valley Remodel, Renovation Project

My vision: to capture and frame the 360º views around this vineyard farmhouse.

Amy Alper, AIA

"Nestled within a pinot noir vineyard, this project was designed to capture views, some expansive and some carefully framed. Kolbe offers so many possibilities in its variety of windows and doors and its range of high performance glass, that I achieved all my objectives with ease."

Amy Alper, AIA
Amy Alper, Architect | Sonoma, CA

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AC300 Easy Lake Living, Contemporary Project

My vision: Create light and easy lake living.

Larry Pearson, Founding Principal, Pearson Design Group

"To me, lakefront living shouldn't be stiff and structured. It has to be light and easy. On the Northshore Cabin on Flathead Lake, everything was carefully considered to embrace a level of casualness and calmness befitting a cabin in such a magnificent setting. Kolbe's VistaLuxe® windows were the perfect match for the project; they provided clean lines, great flow to the outdoors, and of course unrestricting views."

Larry Pearson, Founding Principal
Pearson Design Group | Bozeman, MT

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AC608 Ridgetop Retreat, Transitional Project

My vision: To make every view its own priceless form of art with limitless possibilities.

Mike Zoske, Zoske Construction

"We were looking for windows with giant views – this property is all about the views. We wanted to get as big of glass as we could, with narrow mulls. I chose VistaLuxe® Collection windows instead of steel for three main reasons: far shorter lead times, increased energy efficiency for brutal Jackson Hole winters, and a much lower cost. The look of VistaLuxe is perfect – every person that walks into the front room thinks they're steel windows, even architects and people that should know better."

Mike Zoske
Zoske Construction | Jackson Hole, WY

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AC707 Of Geometry and Gemstones, Contemporary Project

My vision: Dissolve the boundary between home and horizon.

Amy Janof, AIA, Janof Architecture

"They wanted a home designed around entertaining their extended family, who all live nearby. And it was essential to maximize their spectacular views of downtown Seattle, Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier.

"We based the design on Rebecca's interests in gems... How you angle and shape a gem to highlight the way it catches the light and presents its best features can be very similar to how you design a home."

Amy Janof, AIA
Janof Architecture | Seattle, WA

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AA513 A Vision in Almaden Valley, Transitional Project

My vision: Make the house blend naturally into the hillside.

Tony Yaconelli, Pacific Builders

"What was inspiring about the house was that it took the site into the design. There are phenomenal views here – you see birds resting on the stones on top of the hill, there's paths, there's views down the hillside that are just gorgeous. In this home, every window, every view, took that into consideration. All the planning paid off – when the parts came together it was really incredible."

Tony Yaconelli
Pacific Builders | San Jose, CA

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AC508 Timpanogos Estate, Contemporary Project

My vision: Heighten the experience of changing daylight throughout the seasons of the year.

Warren Lloyd, Principal, AIA, LEED AP, Lloyd Architects

"I envisioned the Timpanogos house as a modern home in the mountains – a window to the landscape connecting an active family to the outdoors. Each view was considered, and spaces were conceived to heighten the experience of changing daylight through the day and throughout the seasons of the year.

"Kolbe’s VistaLuxe Collection windows provided the cleanest profile, with high thermal performance and a horizontal mullion pattern that frame views elegantly and operate effortlessly."

Warren Lloyd, Principal, AIA, LEED AP
Lloyd Architects | Salt Lake City, UT

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AA611 Mallard Creek, Transitional Project

My vision: Invite beautiful views from sunrise to sunset.

Brad Tomecek, AIA, LEED BD+C, Tomecek Studio Architecture

"My goal was to connect the heart of this home to its site through a series of indoor/outdoor spaces: the Sunrise Court takes advantage of early morning lakeside views, while the Sunset Court accentuates the power of the Rocky Mountains. Only Kolbe had the windows and doors to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor space."

Brad Tomecek, AIA, LEED BD+C
Tomecek Studio Architecture | Denver, CO

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S3056 Sanctuary at Heron Point, Traditional Project

My vision: Integrate the natural beauty of this home’s waterfront locale.

Christopher L. Pattey, Associate AIA, Becker Morgan Group

“The windows and doors played a major role in the aesthetics of this home. Kolbe’s products, especially the walls of windows in the living room and folding doors in the lanai, help unite the interior spaces with the exterior. Because of Kolbe’s windows and doors, the owners are able to continuously enjoy the picturesque location of their property.”

Christopher L. Pattey, Associate AIA
Senior Associate with Becker Morgan Group | Salisbury, MD

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W200 Victorian Revival, Historical Renovation Project

My vision: Enhance a home's historical beauty with updated living spaces.

Spence Kass, AIA, Kass & Associates

"Kolbe’s capacity to provide multiple types and styles of windows allowed us to transform the antiquated spaces of this historical home into light-filled rooms that are the focus of family life."

Spence Kass, AIA
Kass & Associates | Philadelphia, PA

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Z919 Glass House, Contemporary Project

My vision: Create a home simultaneously separate from and intertwined with nature.

Gregory Wiedemann, AIA, Wiedemann Architects, LLC

"This glass residence is perched on a limestone cliff that overlooks the sweep of the Potomac River. The clean lines of Kolbe’s VistaLuxe® Collection created framed views of the ever-changing play of nature, blurring the line between inside and outside."

Gregory Wiedemann, AIA
Wiedemann Architects, LLC | Bethesda, MD

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Z3002 Elegant European Style, Traditional Project

My vision: Design a home for my family that honors our ancestry with modern style.

Andrea Swan, AIA, Swan Architecture

"I wanted to embrace the picturesque view of the Mississippi River throughout all the major living spaces of my home. The simple and enduring European style of my home was achieved with Kolbe's made-to-order windows and doors. These large expanses of glass elegantly frame my river views, allowing me and my family to enjoy blended spaces for gathering as well as retreating."

Andrea Swan, AIA
Swan Architecture | Minneapolis, MN

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AB700 Blue Ridge Mountain, Contemporary Project

My vision: Create a dynamic structure that incorporates optimal views.

Jason Weil, Residential Designer, Retro+Fit Design LLC

"We had three criteria for the windows that all had to be met: the windows had to have a narrow, modern profile, they had to meet strict energy efficiency requirements, and the window package had to be economically feasible due to the large amounts of glass. Kolbe was the only window company that could fulfill all three of our criteria and everyone involved was very happy with the window package."

Jason Weil, Residential Designer
Retro+Fit Design LLC | Asheville, NC

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Z607 Twin Cities Contemporary, Contemporary Project

Our vision: Create a home where architecture is distilled to its very essence.

Lars Peterssen, AIA, and Gabriel Keller, Assoc. AIA, Peterssen/Keller Architecture

"Modern design should appear effortless. The minimal frames & expansive areas of glass in the award-winning VistaLuxe® Collection were the perfect fit for our project. Using this innovative product line allowed us to achieve a purity of form and a seamless connection between interior & exterior spaces."

Gabriel Keller, Assoc. AIA, and Lars Peterssen, AIA
Peterssen/Keller Architecture | Minneapolis, MN

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AB704 Blue Ridge Mountain, Contemporary Project

My vision: To build a one-of-a-kind home to frame one-of-a-kind views.

Brad Rice, Owner, Bellwether Design-Build

"Despite the large footprint and luxury finishes, we wanted this home to be efficient and eco-friendly. The design would be simple and clean, yet striking. The incredible view was another feature of this home. Kolbe's VistaLuxe® Collection windows throughout the home allow the homeowner to experience unobstructed views of the mountains from multiple angles within a room, while remaining energy-efficient."

Brad Rice, Owner
Bellwether Design-Build | Asheville, NC

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E602 Craftsman House, Traditional Projec

My vision: Harmonize exquisite design with maximum efficiency.

Peter L. Pfeiffer, FAIA, Barley Pfeiffer Architecture

"I designed my own home to push the boundaries of energy efficiency, and Kolbe helps me achieve this goal. Their solidly-constructed windows and doors help to continually minimize energy costs in my warm climate, while handcrafted details accentuate the unique Craftsman style with a modern twist."

Peter L. Pfeiffer, FAIA
Barley Pfeiffer Architecture | Austin, TX

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