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Handcrafted windows and doors. Large openings. Custom solutions. Exceeded energy standards. We're proud to provide these solutions, and more, to architects, builders, and homeowners. Take a look at how we've helped elevate the projects of these custom architects with our made-to-order products.  

Ultra Inswing Patio Door Evening Exterior

My vision: Heighten the experience of changing daylight throughout the seasons of the year

Brad Tomecek

"I envisioned the Timpanogos house as a modern home in the mountains – a window to the landscape connecting an active family to the outdoors. Each view was considered, and spaces were conceived to heighten the experience of changing daylight through the day and throughout the seasons of the year.

Kolbe’s VistaLuxe Collection windows provided the cleanest profile, with high thermal performance and a horizontal mullion pattern that frame views elegantly and operate effortlessly."

Warren Lloyd, Principal, AIA, LEED AP
Lloyd Architects | Salt Lake City, UT

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Ultra Inswing Patio Door Evening Exterior

My vision: Invite beautiful views from sunrise to sunset

Brad Tomecek

"My goal was to connect the heart of this home to its site through a series of indoor/outdoor spaces: the Sunrise Court takes advantage of early morning lakeside views, while the Sunset Court accentuates the power of the Rocky Mountains. Only Kolbe had the windows and doors to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor space."

Brad Tomecek, AIA, LEED BD+C
Tomecek Studio Architecture | Denver, CO

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Ultra Sterling Double Hung Radius Exterior Day

My vision: Integrate the natural beauty of this home’s waterfront locale

Christopher Pattey

“The windows and doors played a major role in the aesthetics of this home. Kolbe’s products, especially the walls of windows in the living room and folding doors in the lanai, help unite the interior spaces with the exterior. Because of Kolbe’s windows and doors, the owners are able to continuously enjoy the picturesque location of their property.”

Christopher L. Pattey, Associate AIA
Senior Associate with Becker Morgan Group | Salisbury, MD

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Ultra Casement Awning Interior Day

My vision: Enhance a home's historical beauty with updated living spaces

Spence Kass

"Kolbe’s capacity to provide multiple types and styles of windows allowed us to transform the antiquated spaces of this historical home into light-filled rooms that are the focus of family life."

Spence Kass, AIA
Kass & Associates | Philadelphia, PA

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Ultra Direct Set Exterior Evening Sunset

My vision: Create a home simultaneously separate from and intertwined with nature

Gregory Wiedemann

"This glass residence is perched on a limestone cliff that overlooks the sweep of the Potomac River. The clean lines of Kolbe’s VistaLuxe® Collection created framed views of the ever-changing play of nature, blurring the line between inside and outside."

Gregory Wiedemann, AIA
Wiedemann Architects, LLC | Bethesda, MD

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Ultra Inswing Door Heritage Casement Crank-Out Exterior Day

My vision: Design a home for my family that honors our ancestry with modern style

Andrea Swan

"I wanted to embrace the picturesque view of the Mississippi River throughout all the major living spaces of my home. The simple and enduring European style of my home was achieved with Kolbe's made-to-order windows and doors. These large expanses of glass elegantly frame my river views, allowing me and my family to enjoy blended spaces for gathering as well as retreating."

Andrea Swan, AIA
Swan Architecture | Minneapolis, MN

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Ultra VistaLuxe Flush Windows Exterior Night

My vision: Create a dynamic structure that incorporates optimal views

Jason Weil

"We had three criteria for the windows that all had to be met: the windows had to have a narrow, modern profile, they had to meet strict energy efficiency requirements, and the window package had to be economically feasible due to the large amounts of glass. Kolbe was the only window company that could fulfill all three of our criteria and everyone involved was very happy with the window package."

Jason Weil, Architect
Retro+Fit Design LLC | Asheville, NC

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VistaLuxe Casement Crank-Out Accent Windows Exterior Day

Our vision: Create a home where architecture is distilled to its very essence

Peterssen and Keller

"Modern design should appear effortless. The minimal frames & expansive areas of glass in the award-winning VistaLuxe® Collection were the perfect fit for our project. Using this innovative product line allowed us to achieve a purity of form and a seamless connection between interior & exterior spaces."

Gabriel Keller, Assoc. AIA, and Lars Peterssen, AIA
Peterssen/Keller Architecture | Minneapolis, MN

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VistaLuxe Direct Sets

My vision: To build a one-of-a-kind home to frame one-of-a-kind views 

Brad Rice

"Despite the large footprint and luxury finishes, we wanted this home to be efficient and eco-friendly. The design would be simple and clean, yet striking. The incredible view was another feature of this home. Kolbe's VistaLuxe® Collection windows throughout the home allow the homeowner to experience unobstructed views of the mountains from multiple angles within a room, while remaining energy-efficient."

Brad Rice, Owner
Bellwether Design-Build | Asheville, NC

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Ultra Heritage Double Hung Windows Door

My vision: Harmonize exquisite design with maximum efficiency

Barley Pfeiffer

"I designed my own home to push the boundaries of energy efficiency, and Kolbe helps me achieve this goal. Their solidly-constructed windows and doors help to continually minimize energy costs in my warm climate, while handcrafted details accentuate the unique Craftsman style with a modern twist."

Peter L. Pfeiffer, FAIA
Barley Pfeiffer Architecture | Austin, TX

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In addition to these short testimonials, we sat down with some of the architects and asked them how the limitless options Kolbe offers help them achieve their unique architectural solutions. Here's what they had to say:


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