Kolbe Partners with myQ on Pet Portal

Kolbe Partners with myQ on Pet Portal

January 11, 2021

The myQ Pet Portal, a CES 2021 Smart Home Innovation Award Winner, provides smart home access that lets pet parents safely let their dog out to potty and play when they’re not home.

Recognizing the industry's need for pet door solutions, Kolbe teamed up with myQ to bring the Pet Portal to dog lovers. The myQ Pet Portal will be integrated in a select offering of Kolbe doors, providing a hidden smart-panel that allows pets to move safely in and out to go potty and play. 

Unlike conventional retrofit pet doors, the myQ Pet Portal is virtually unnoticeable from the outside, providing a no-compromise solution for homeowners who want to keep the security and exterior appearance of their home intact while providing their pup with the freedom to go outside on demand.

Already making waves at CES, the myQ Pet Portal won the distinguished CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award within the Smart Home category.

To learn more details and pre-order the myQ Pet Portal, visit myQpetportal.com