A Fresh New Palette

A Fresh New Palette

February 06, 2017

Kolbe has updated our exterior color palette, offering more choices for customization than ever before.

Kolbe has made exciting updates to our exterior color palette, offering more choices for personalization and customization than ever before. The wide array of options provides fresh new hues for every style and décor.

Whether bold or muted, traditional or contemporary, our expansive selection includes relevant choices for any aesthetic. To coordinate with the subtlety of current design, we've added incremental shades of gray and black in both warm and cool tones. Complementary radiant hues burst out of the palette with splashes of color that truly demand attention.

Choose tones that match your décor, or add drama with selective pops of color to accentuate entrance doors, exterior trim, or other unique features. For even more distinction, choose from our shimmering Mica or Anodized finishes. We also have the perfect tints to suit the style and era of any historical restoration project.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, we can help create a custom color that expresses your individuality. An original color will be your personal mark of distinction, ensuring a powerful statement. With our enhanced selection and custom capabilities, Kolbe will help bring your unique vision to life.

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