Craftspeople at Work

Craftspeople at Work

October 19, 2017

Touring Kolbe's factory "an absolute treat" said editor of Commercial Architecture magazine.

When I walked onto that Kolbe factory floor…what I found was not one craftsperson, but an entire facility full of them.

It was a privilege to host Commercial Architecture magazine editor Gary L. Parr on a tour of Kolbe's factory in Wausau, Wisconsin. While Gary expected to find robotics and machines, he was pleasantly surprised to see all of the hands-on, hard work and skill that goes into each and every one of our windows and doors.

Read more about his experience here: Craftsmen at Work.

It was a huge departure from the norm and an absolute treat to see highly skilled woodworkers at all levels crafting wood windows and doors that are going to be installed in today's modern buildings.

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