Kickstarting a Classic

Kickstarting a Classic

September 29, 2017

The windows in this classic, pre-WWII home were deteriorating. Kolbe's Forgent® Series windows gave the home a kickstart.

Homeowners Frank and Jill Roffers purchased their classic 1930s home in Edina, Minnesota, in 2004. It is in the Country Club district, which enforces historic preservation standards.

The windows, original to the house, were failing. The glazing was deteriorating with leakage and wood rot. The rope-and-pulley systems were faulty. The hardware was tarnished and outdated. Many wouldn't open, and they were very difficult to clean. The cream exterior color was unattractive, so the Roffers planted ivy to cover the windows. Ultimately, though, they decided that replacement was necessary to enhance the appearance, efficiency and enjoyment of their home.

"Our old windows were not usable – you couldn't open them. The sun had almost disintegrated the wood around the glass... they were in really rough shape," stated Jill.

The Roffers priced out other window options and manufacturers, but had experience with Kolbe windows in their cabin on Lake Superior. They understood the quality and trusted the brand. Plus, they were impressed to learn about Kolbe's new Forgent Series. Forgent fit their replacement budget, their historic district standards, and also offered options for stylistic updates.

The home originally had double hung windows with single pane glass and true divided lites. Historically, double hungs were not very energy efficient, so they also had storm units on the exterior. Forgent allowed the original frames and trim to be left intact, for historic authenticity. Before installing the new windows, however, all gaps, holes and recesses were filled in for an airtight seal. 

The replacement double hungs offered much better energy ratings, with double pane glass and performance divided lites, which are much more efficient than true divided lites. For a modern twist to the colonial look, they opted for divided lites on the upper sash only. Plus, due to the augmented thermal performance, storm windows were no longer necessary. After installation, the Roffers painted and touched up the trim and tore down the ivy to complete the clean, fresh appearance.

A Perfect Fit
Forgent Series windows and doors are designed for strength, performance and ease-of-installation. They are built with Glastra®, a proprietary composite of fiberglass and UV-stable polymer. Glastra is extruded with multiple chambers in an advanced ladder design, which adds resiliency and promotes energy efficiency. This, together with an attractive Midnight exterior color and Cloud interior color, made Forgent a perfect replacement solution for the Roffers. What's more, Forgent windows and doors are easier to operate and maintain than the old windows.

"In regards to the maintenance of these new windows, it's night and day," said Jill. "In the past I had to hire professional window cleaners and I can actually do these myself – and it's easy."

Bigger and Brighter
The new windows and doors make the home brighter and seem more spacious. A single swinging door in the kitchen was replaced by French inswing patio doors, which offer a double-wide opening, bring in more light, and make a smoother transition to the outdoor living area. Satin Nickel Toronto handles are beautiful and functional, while the multi-point lock is secure. Decorative brickmould and a Dark Bronze anodized aluminum sill enhance the look. Also, the bay window sash were replaced, maintaining dimension and architectural interest in the kitchen from both the interior and exterior.

Jill offered, "What I like best about these new windows is how beautiful they are. We have a new door in the kitchen — a new patio door — and it makes the kitchen seem so much bigger. It's my favorite thing."

The Roffers see their home in a whole new light. "A lot of neighbors have noticed and have come by and told us how much it's improved our house," said Frank. It also offers a calm living environment. "There's less noise. It's a quieter home."

Replacing dated windows with Forgent Series windows and doors provided a kickstart for the home, for the family, and for their lifestyle. "Having windows that work, that open... they're clean, they're bright; it's changed it dramatically for me. It's like having a new house," Jill smiled.

Watch the video below, then learn more about the Forgent Series. For more photos of this project, go to our Gallery spark your imagination.


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