15 Entrance Door Designs That Will Impress Your Visitors

15 Entrance Door Designs That Will Impress Your Visitors

August 13, 2018

The entrance to your home is the perfect place to create an excellent first impression with visitors.

The entrance to your home is the perfect place to create an excellent first impression with visitors. A professionally landscaped yard, a charming walkway, and a covered porch are all important aspects of an inviting entrance, but a unique front door can make the grandest singular statement of all.

Every home deserves beautiful, functioning doors and if there's any place to invest in a door, it is the entrance to your home. Entrance doors come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, providing opportunities for a fully customizable design. If you're ready to give your entrance a facelift but need a little inspiration, here are several gorgeous designs to consider.

1. Custom Crafted by Artisans

This Craftsman-style entry door welcomes visitors with the intricate details of a custom design. Divided lites and sidelites surrounded by wood give a warm, natural greeting. The rich wood siding, white trim and soft glow of the outdoor porch lights make this handcrafted wood door even more inviting.

2. Modern Gothic with Contrasting Colors

Accenting your front door with red has been trendy for a while, but a few modern touches and updates will refresh that idea. This bold entrance features sleek glass doors with a pairing of red and deep black. The contrasting colors and the addition of pull-back curtains give this entrance a touch of Gothic-inspired drama.

3. Minimalism Works Well with Glass

This striking home features expansive windows and a dramatic aesthetic. Rather than adding an equally dramatic door, the designer achieved balance with a fairly minimalistic approach. The glass door makes a simple statement and complements the rest of the exterior.

4. Swing Door with Architectural Details

This jade-colored swing door offers a unique look compared to the typical wood entrance door. The combination of glass and height works well for this minimal entrance. The right color choices can create an impact, whether your door design is simple or extravagant. Overall, this sleek and slim door has a very substantial appearance.

5. Traditional Arched Entry Door

This entrance features a substantial portico and a natural wood door for a classic design. The lighter shade of wood looks fresh when paired with the neutral exterior, proving you can make an impact without using loud colors. The larger windows on this door make it more inviting to guests.

6. Neutral Colors are Undisputedly Elegant

This stately home showcases several gray tones, but amidst the uniform color palette, the entrance door is a focal point. If you're a fan of more monochromatic palettes, a darker shade of the same color is a great way to make your door stand out. The glass featured in the entrance offers elegance without being overstated. The straight lines and vertical glass panels stand out against the windows and garage doors of this home.
AA902 Neutral Colors

7. A Zen Entrance with Dual Glass Doors

These understated glass-pane doors have an unusual asymmetric design. One door can be used as a traditional single swing door, or opening both doors offers a more accommodating entrance. The windows mimic the design and color of the doors, giving this exterior a cohesive look. Frosted glass keeps things a little more private.

8. Natural Wood Doesn't Always Mean Rustic

Natural wood is traditionally beautiful and doesn't always have to equal "rustic." This 6-panel, double glass door entrance balances this home's exterior with minimalistic design. The wood tones add a touch of warmth and coordinate with the posts and beams of the portico.

9. Go All Out with Wood and Glass

This entrance door looks much larger with numerous sidelites and transoms. Straight lines and gentle curves give this door balance of classic and bold appeal. If your home's exterior isn't already dramatic, consider going all out with your entrance door design and let it really make a statement.

10. All-Glass Entryway Gives Wide Welcome

An impressive door isn't always ornate but can be subtle and sophisticated. The featured entry door is about as simple as you can get, yet maintains an elegant and contemporary feel and works perfectly with this home's design. With an all-glass design and thick trim, the door blends in with the accompanying windows and helps maintain the home's open, panoramic view.

11. Entrance to Mountain Chic

This mountain home features weathered red siding, aged stone and a chocolate-toned wood door. This traditional wood entrance has double swing doors, allowing you to open just one or both for maximum space. The glass panels let in light and give this home a stylish appearance. Glass panels on the door coordinate with the adjacent windows, bringing the whole look together.

12. Rich Red Double Swing Doors

The deep red of these gorgeous double swing doors is balanced out with two large glass panels. If you know you want a bright pop of color on your door but are concerned about it being too bold, glass panels help to break up the look and lend a bit of subtlety to the design.

13. Solid Wood Door with Transom

Glass panels certainly are popular for entrance doors, but as this home shows, an all-wood door can be a perfect choice for homes with competing architectural details. This home is rich in colors and textures. Rather than adding in more glass, the homeowners opted for a wood door with a small row of divided lites to complement the rest of the home.

14. Complement Stone Exteriors with Glass Doors

Glass doors work particularly well with a stone exterior because of their ability to soften and complement the texture of the stone facade. The glass and stained wood door give understated balance to the stone and brickwork on this home.

15. Charming Farmhouse Door

This quaint farmhouse-style home has a great color scheme that's already an eye-catching statement. Rather than matching the door with the red or slate tones, a simple, traditional wood door was selected. The natural wood door stands out in its own way, working together with the exterior rather than competing with the bright red pops of color.

Welcoming & Lasting Impression

Beautiful entrance doors create a lasting impression of a home. Whether you want a door that offers modest, classic beauty or need something that makes a statement, there are options available for every taste.

If you're looking for more ideas to elevate the look of your home's entrance, check out what else Kolbe has to offer on our door collections page.

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