15 Ways Folding Walls Inspire Indoor-Outdoor Living

15 Ways Folding Walls Inspire Indoor-Outdoor Living

June 03, 2020

Taking full advantage of your outdoor surroundings, folding windows and doors can expand your interior spaces into the exterior environment. Create huge openings and effortless connections in a matter of seconds.

Taking full advantage of your outdoor surroundings, folding windows and doors can expand your interior spaces into the exterior environment. Create huge openings and effortless connections in a matter of seconds. Whether having a few friends over for a barbeque, throwing a party or just looking to enjoy the outdoors with your family in comfort, here are 15 ways folding windows and doors can be used to bring the outside in.

1. Camouflage to Your Natural Habitat

Take in the natural beauty and fresh air of your landscape without a filter or barrier. These folding doors fully open for unobstructed access and views. For an immersive experience, choose colors inspired by your surroundings.
Camouflage Your Natural Habitat AA528

2. Dream Anew

Wake up to nature's warm embrace in your private bedroom retreat. Unconfined by walls, you can step outside into the morning light and greet the day on your terms.
Dream Anew Sleeping Space AH343

3. Lakeside Luxury

Turn dock-side storage into shore-side service with folding windows. Easily pass through equipment and refreshments to enjoy lakeview amenities. Add a pleated, retractable screen to keep out the bugs, while keeping your view and connection to the outside.
Lakeside Luxury AI211 AI213

4. Go Big

Bigger is better when it comes to folding windows and doors. Don't let anyone hold you back from reaching as far as you want to go.
Go Big AH362

5. Dine Out, While Staying In

With folding doors off your dining room, you can effortlessly serve meals on your veranda, deck or patio. If the weather takes a turn, you can still have an al fresco meal by opening the doors of your dining room. Create a unique dining experience for an intimate group or have a large dinner party in your expansive indoor-outdoor dining room.
Dine Out, While Staying In AC610

6. Open Up Your Kitchen

Air out the kitchen with folding windows that open to create a large, convenient pass-through. Bake, cook or prepare for a party with an unobstructed view and a breath of fresh air. From the patio, enjoy easy access to the kitchen from your grill. Serve through the window and keep socializing with your family and guests from either inside or out.
Open Up Your Kitchen AH322

7. Expand Your Living Space

Folding doors expand your home to the outside, giving you more room to do as you please. With a wide opening, your living space becomes a large, blended indoor-outdoor area – perfect for hosting a gathering amongst friends or just adding a little more breathing room. Relax comfortably inside or outside your home, while enjoying the benefits of both.
Expand Your Living Space X503

8. Easily Entertain

Make hosting even easier with wide open doors and accordion windows to deliver drinks and food outside for your next party. The seamless transitions between the patio, kitchen and lounge areas mean you don't miss out on the socialization even if you have to dash inside.
Easiily Entertain AF504

9. Open Up the Walls

Take your backyard view to the next level by folding back not one, but two walls. With large expanses of folding doors that open wide, you can remove all obstacles and relish in your shaded sitting area, while still keeping an eye on the children's outdoor play areas.
Open Up the Walls S3019

10. Zen State of Mind

Sip your morning coffee on the deck and breathe in the blend of fresh air and energizing vibes. Accordion windows gently open for barista service to friends and family. Experience new vibrancy while bathed in natural light.
Zen State of Mind AH430

11. Make Smaller Spaces Feel Larger

Give yourself more room by adding a folding door to open the world beyond your walls. Even when closed, the view expands your perception and sense of place.
Make Smaller Spaces Feel Larger AI418

12. Create a Pet's Paradise

When furry friends are part of your family, they appreciate indoor-outdoor living, too. Leaving the folding doors open allows your pet to conveniently guard their backyard or curl up in a cozy spot for an afternoon snooze.
Create a Pet Paradise AH200

13. Fully Utilize Your Patio

Folding doors turn your patio into an outdoor room. Use your patio or deck more by increasing the natural flow of your home to lead you outside. Relax without hearing a door constantly open and shut. Grab a drink or ingredients for the grill with ease. Keep your patio accessories close at hand but out of the sun and weather, secure behind folding doors.
Fully Utilize Your Patio AF703

14. Bring the Poolside Inside

Be a part of the action without straying into the splash zone. Folding doors and windows keep you within sight and earshot of the pool, while you keep an eye on the kids enjoying the water outside. When it's your turn in the water, adjust the indoor TV to watch the game from your floating pool chair.
Make the Inside Poolside AC116

15. Let Nature Inspire

An open floor plan with folding doors can accentuate a clean transition between your kitchen, living room, dining room and outside patio area. In this crisp, white home, the tropical green landscape serves as a pop of color and a cue to stay connected to the outdoors.
Let Nature Inspire AA211

By creating large unobstructed openings, entertaining, relaxing, dining, cooking and everything else you do in your home, can be connected to the outside without obstacles. No matter how you choose to use folding windows and doors, they will help you embrace the outdoor environments that surround your home.

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