Extraordinary Entrances


Kolbe offers entrance doors from each of its product lines in order to meet specific architectural and aesthetic needs. The unique advantages and characteristics of each line, combined with numerous options and custom solutions, allow us to create entrance doors to suit any style or design.

VistaLuxe Collection entrance doors are specially-designed to offer clean lines and slim stiles & rails. They maximize the view by minimizing the framing. The exterior is aluminum clad and the interior is wood, with a design that reinforces a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.

Ultra Series entrance doors have an extruded aluminum clad exterior and wood interior. This makes them dependable and durable. They are aesthetically flexible in that they can be designed with traditional detailing, specialized trim and/or PDL bars. While extruded aluminum clad frames are standard, all-wood frames may be requested.

Heritage Series entrance doors are wood on both the interior and exterior, making them especially suited to fine tailoring. They can replicate historically-authentic characteristics or accomplish original, ornate details. Although wood frames are standard, extruded aluminum frames may be requested.

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