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Whether you live in a mountainous region or on the coast, Kolbe has glass options to meet the energy efficiency standards in your climate. Find out more about the glass options we’ve created to meet structural, architectural, aesthetic, and environmental challenges. Plus, standard glass used in our products contains 25-30% recycled content.

Most Kolbe windows and doors utilize double-pane, LoE2-270 glass, which delivers year-round comfort in different climates. LoE2-270 glass is designed to reflect indoor heat back into the room during winter and block the sun’s oppressive heat during the summer, cutting back on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

The solar performance in LoE3-340 glass is one-of-a-kind, not requiring any room-darkening tint. In a double-pane unit, it has an incredibly low 0.18 solar heat gain coefficient. Less heat gain when its hot and less heat loss when its cold equates to year around comfort.

LoE3-366 is great for any location. It balances solar control and high visibility, providing the perfect combination of energy savings and year-round comfort. In a double-pane window, it is compliant in every ENERGY STAR® zone.

When the weather turns frigid, LoE-180 glass is the perfect cold remedy. It keeps homes warmer and more comfortable by blocking heat loss to the outside and letting the sun’s heat stream in to increase solar heat gain.

Triple Pane
Triple pane glass helps provide a greater energy performing window that keeps indoor air warm and comfortable, prevents heat loss and lowers your heating bills. Triple pane windows are available with a variety of LoE coatings that best suit your climate’s needs.

ThermaPlus™ LoE
An additional interior coating applied to help meet the strictest energy requirements and provide protection against heat loss and UV damage.

Laminated glass provides extra protection by preventing broken glass from causing injury. It can also increase safety and reduce sound transmission.

Impact Resistant
The special glass includes a laminated pane, and is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions in coastal regions. Combined with impact-certified products, it provides the highest level of protection against the elements.

Specialty Glass
Kolbe offers tinted, colored or patterned glass for shading, privacy, or visual interest. Customize your windows with beveled glass, etched glass, leaded glass, and caming options to match your home’s style and create a special accent. Ask your dealer for details.

Neat® Coating
This additional coating harnesses UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless and allowing you to spend less time cleaning.

Not all glass is available on all product lines. Please contact your Kolbe dealer for product specifics.
LoE-180, LoE³-340, LoE²-270, LoE³-366, Neat and Preserve are trademarks of Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc.
LoE insulating glass with a stainless steel spacer bar carries a 20-year warranty. Not all glass options listed have the same glass warranty. Please contact your supplier for details.

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