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 Insect Screens

Kolbe has a wide assortment of insect screens for our window and doors. The options below are meant to provide an example of Kolbe's capabilities; contact your Kolbe dealer to learn about the options available in the products you choose.

Frame Options

Kolbe offers numerous frame styles depending on your project.


Retractable Screen

With Kolbe's retractable insect screens, window screens no longer have to obscure your view. You choose when you want to use the screen; the rest of the time it is hidden away from sight.


Aluminum Frame

Many Kolbe products are available with durable, aluminum-framed insect screens. Screens are easily removable for cleaning.


Wood Wrapped Frame

This option offers the ability to more closely match the wood species of your window, thereby providing a more refined aesthetic than standard aluminum frames.


Inswing Screen

Inswing insect screens provide very simple pull-in operation and easy removal for cleaning.

Screens for expansive openings

Folding windows, folding doors, and multi-slide doors are available with pleated, sliding insect screens. These screens are made from weather-resistant polyester mesh. Multiple precision stainless steel bearings provide smooth operation. For our TerraSpan® lift & slide doors, screen options are available through our list of suggested manufacturers. Select a door type to see the screen options for each specific door.

Mesh Options

Kolbe offers a variety of insect screen mesh options for most products.


BetterVue screen mesh is made of flame-retardant fiberglass, which allows improved airflow and visibility while keeping bugs out. 


UltraVue screen mesh offers the same benefits as BetterVue but with an even higher level of visibility and airflow. This mesh is especially ideal for areas where the view is of the utmost importance.


Aluminum screen mesh is available in two different colors and is perfect for circumstances where added strength or protection against fiberglass-eating insects is required.

Water Shed Technology™

Water Shed Technology is an advanced water repellent coating that allows screens to repel water and debris. BetterVue and UltraVue mesh feature this durable coating that increases the life expectancy of the screens, by keeping them cleaner longer. Water beads up and rolls off, to preserve viewing clarity, rain or shine. As you can see below, the view remains much more visible when screens have Water Shed Technology applied (left), as opposed to those without it (right).

Water Shed Technology by Phifer Inc.

Water Shed Technology™ is a trademark of PHIFER INCORPORATED.
BetterVue® and UltraVue® are registered trademarks of PHIFER INCORPORATED.

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