Ultra Series Sterling Double Hung Windows

Style & Design

Interior Finishes

For units that are ready to install upon delivery, Kolbe's wood windows and doors can be prefinished on the interior with one of the water-based stains or paints shown below. Stained units are given two coats of satin finish clear sealer. Because our interior finishes are water-based, low-VOC stains and paints, you can rest assured you've made an environmentally conscious decision.

An additional benefit our customers have is the ability to go to any Sherwin-Williams retail store and purchase paint to match the interior paint on their windows and doors. Or, custom paints and stains can be created for an even more personalized look.

Interior Stains

Ultra Series Sterling Double Hung Windows

In a world full of choices, Kolbe has made it easy to select stains to finish your uniquely designed windows and doors. Our water-based interior stains offer the richness and depth of color of other high quality stains. After staining, two coats of clear water-based satin finish are applied to seal the color, with a light sanding between each coat. Best of all, opting to have your Kolbe windows and doors prefinished will save you the hassle of staining and clean up at the job site.

Cherry Stain

Double Clear Coat

Wheat Stain


Red Wheat Stain

Red Wheat

Light Oak Stain

Light Oak

Spiced Walnut Stain

Spiced Walnut

Sunset Oak Stain

Sunset Oak

Chestnut Stain


Cherry Stain


Library Red Stain

Library Red

Coffee Bean Stain

Coffee Bean

Ebony Stain


NOTES: Stain colors are shown on pine. On-screen images of finishes may vary; selections should be made based on samples available at your local dealer. These options are meant to provide an overview of what's available. Visit your Kolbe dealer to determine the most appropriate finishes for your project.

Interior Paints

Interior with Ultra Series Windows and Doors

For a classic and elegant appearance, Kolbe windows and doors can be prefinished on the interior with water-based latex paint. A primer is applied before the top-coat, to ensure a fine, enduring finish. Available in a variety of neutral shades, from the brightest white to a warm beige, Kolbe's interior paint will enhance the fresh look of your d├ęcor. If you're inspired by another paint color, Kolbe can match it as well. Kolbe is all about options and seeing the possibilities, no matter what the shade or hue.


Ultra Pure White


Bright White






Ivory Tusk


Natural Cotton


Misty Gray




Coal Black