12 Ways to Connect to Your Backyard

12 Ways to Connect to Your Backyard

April 22, 2024

Which window and door styles are best for connecting a home to its beautiful backyard? Explore inspiring ideas featuring Kolbe windows and doors.

One of the most fulfilling steps in building or renovating a home is connecting the interior space to its surroundings. Gazing out or stepping through a unique portal to a special outdoor space is a defining experience.

There are countless approaches to making this connection. Below are just a few ways Kolbe windows and doors have inspired that bond to the backyard and beyond.

1. Make It Modern

Contemporary designs often feature awe-inspiring amounts of glass, so the barrier between interior and exterior seems to completely disappear! Of course, this hardly means sacrificing function or quality. VistaLuxe Complementary sliding patio doors and multi-slide doors offer numerous options for operation while meeting today’s expectations for resiliency and style.
AO221, AO246

2. For the Love of Pets

Easy access to the outdoors also benefits treasured pets. These folding doors give this lounging canine a special place to relax. The merging of indoor and outdoor spaces keeps household pets safe and close while offering them sunshine and breezes. Folding doors like these can be implemented in multiple different configurations, including one-sided and bi-parting.


3. Connecting to Porches, Verandas, and More

Doors and windows don’t need to open directly to outdoor spaces, either. Occasionally, they lead to a partially covered living space with some open-air features. This further establishes an intuitive transition between the interiority and exteriority of a home.

AL305 AL303, Connecting to Porches, Verandas, and More
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4. Melding Space, Melding Functions

When positioning an opening to the outside, it is helpful to consider the functions that will be connected. For example, if grilling and other outdoor cooking is a priority in a backyard space, having immediate access to the interior kitchen makes this activity much more convenient. It is also important to install a door that is easy to use when hands are full of cooking utensils, fresh ingredients, or delicious food!

AL607 Melding Space, Melding Functions

5. Pass-throughs in Action

Certain window and door types are designed to combine indoor and outdoor spaces—often for entertaining guests. When this Ultra Series sliding window is opened, the kitchen expands out to serve refreshments and make conversation more easily.

AL607 Pass-throughs in Action

6. More Unconventional Openings

Another way to dissolve the barriers between interior and exterior is through doors or windows set up in a unique configuration—like a corner. This unexpected arrangement can completely recontextualize living spaces both inside and out. For example, this indoor sitting area now functions as a covered patio while the narrow deck space enjoys more breathing room.

AH425 More Unconventional Openings

7. Bringing Surroundings In

Of course, the connection to the outdoors isn’t always just about the openings; it's also about the way a space is formed and positioned. This room is clearly defined by the floor-to-ceiling VistaLuxe AL LINE windows and doors at its perimeter, but even when closed, this room feels planted right on the grassy shoreline.

AM112 Bringing Surroundings In

8. Flipping the Hierarchy

Sometimes, the yard itself becomes the motivation and the focus of the home’s design. This space uses Ultra Series TerraSpan Lift & Slide doors and VistaLuxe WD LINE direct sets to ensure views of the outside are undeniable and awe-inspiring. Nearly every corner of the main living space is decorated with outdoor views, and that’s what makes it extraordinary!

AN104 Bringing Surroundings In

9. Multiple Connections

Multiple sets of Forgent® Series Complementary sliding patio doors connect this home to separate deck and patio areas. These outdoor living spaces have clear, delineated purposes, introducing variety to the way the residents interact with their green space and great views. Backyard access and enjoyment doesn’t need to be limited to just one opening in the home!

AI708 Flipping the Hierarchy

10. Keep it Classic

Let fresh air in and curate views out with traditional design concepts. This set of inswing French doors from Kolbe’s Heritage Series—complete with brass hardware—invites lush, sunny days up onto the second floor of the home. Double-hung windows with performance divided lites echo this timeless aesthetic throughout the home.

W909, W902 Multiple Connections
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11. To Contrast and Highlight

When carefully placed, windows and doors to special outside spaces can even emphasize key parts of the home’s structure and design. This home uses two sets of VistaLuxe WD LINE inswing French patio doors with transoms to grant the hearth-like structure between them a heightened presence. This is clear from both the bedroom inside and the green space outside!

AC501, AC509 Keep it Classic
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12. The Best Use of Space

Ultimately, establishing connections between the indoors and outdoors can help fully utilize a structure and its surroundings—even on smaller lots. With the vast size and style options for windows, it is a joy to frame cherished views. Likewise, with the operation and design options for contemporary doors, creating a seamless flow has never been easier. This home uses VistaLuxe WD LINE direct sets with a complementary folding door to enjoy everything its comfortable city yard has to offer.

AF703 To Contrast and Highlight

Choosing the right windows and doors to connect to a favorite outdoor space can make one feel truly at home. Explore the expansive options available through Kolbe Windows & Doors’ diverse product lines.

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