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Recent Press Releases

Forgent Series Offers Durability, Efficiency & Easy Installation

Kolbe's dedication to innovation, quality and product design has resulted in the Forgent Series


VistaLuxe Collection Creates Organic Flow

Kolbe's VistaLuxe Collection creates organic flow and maximum views


Automation Eases Window & Door Operation

Kolbe's automation options ease window and door operation through advanced technology


VistaLuxe Collection Offers Versatility in Design and Functionality

Kolbe's innovative VistaLuxe Collection offers expanded versatility in design and functionality


Entrance Doors Make a Grand Entrance

Kolbe's stylish entrance doors make a grand statement with numerous opportunities for personalization


Kolbe Offers Pass-Through Windows

Kolbe's folding and sliding windows offer easy pass-through between indoor and outdoor environments


Ultra Beveled Direct Sets Meet HVHZ

Kolbe's Ultra Series beveled direct set attains HVHZ certification


Forgent Series Offers Durability

Kolbe's Forgent Series offers durability, efficiency and easy installation


Green Living in Gap Cove

Coastal home approaches zero-energy with Kolbe's VistaLuxe® Collection windows & doors.


NEW VistaLuxe Radius Windows

Kolbe's VistaLuxe Collection expands design solutions to offer Radius Direct Set windows


NEW Responsive Website

Kolbe launches new, responsive website for homeowners and professionals


Of Geometry and Gemstones

Seattle mid-century modern home's design inspired by the geometry of gems and grand views featuring expansive, contemporary windows from Kolbe's VistaLuxe® Collection.


Kolbe Introduces Evo Operator for VistaLuxe Collection Casements and Awnings

Kolbe introduces Evo operator designed to complement the clean lines of the VistaLuxe Collection.


Kolbe's New Exterior Color Palette

Kolbe's new color palette offers more choices than ever before.


Kolbe's New VistaLuxe Sliding Patio Doors

Kolbe expands products and options with VistaLuxe sliding patio doors and Madison handle sets.


Kolbe's New Forgent™ Series with Glastra™

New window and door line offers simplicity, easy installation and short lead times.


Kolbe's Folding & Sliding Windows Offer Easy Pass-Through

Innovative windows offer pass-through between indoor and outdoor environments.


Kolbe's New Sliding Windows Expand Openings

Kolbe's new sliding windows expand openings to the outdoors.


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