17 Unique Ways to Incorporate Windows & Doors

17 Unique Ways to Incorporate Windows & Doors

July 30, 2020

Windows and doors are a universal aspect to any home or building design, but if creatively incorporated, they can be far from ordinary. Custom applications of different doors and windows are a functional way to create a distinctive décor.

Windows and doors are a universal aspect to any home or building design, but if creatively incorporated, they can be far from ordinary. Custom applications of different doors and windows are a functional way to create a distinctive décor. Employing doors and windows in novel ways helps bring daylight further into a space and adds visual appeal to a home. Here are 17 unique ways to integrate windows and doors into your space.

1. An Abundant Bedroom

Sleep serenely with an expansive folding door that opens your bedroom completely to the outside, creating a restful space with an inspirational link to nature. Listen to the sound of the lake lapping at the shore while you drift off to sleep; then wake up with an instant connection to the beauty of your surroundings.
An Abundant Bedroom AH343
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2. Sitting at the Dock of the Bay

Relax lakeside as you take a break from boating. The folding window on this boathouse creates an open oasis to enjoy drinks after a day on the lake. Serving refreshments is simple and fun via the pass-through window.
Sitting at the Dock of the Bay

3. A Notable Headboard

Awning windows replace a large headboard to make a statement in this stylish bedroom. The windows add an interesting design element and provide a breath of fresh air. Extra ventilation cools your bedroom so you can sleep soundly while listening to the sounds of the night.
A Notable Headboard
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4. Let’s Take the Stairs

Ordinary stairwells can feel enclosed and oppressive. Stairwell windows create an open and inviting transition between floors. Connect to the upstairs with a vertical view and natural lighting that unlocks your elevation.
Let's Take the Stairs
5. Infinite Hallways

Windows at the end of a hallway extend your space and create an interesting transitional area. These windows fill a typically dark space with daylight and bring natural light deep into your home. The windows create a point of interest with a beautifully framed view that looks like you could continue walking right into the outdoors.
Infinite Hallways
6. A Backsplash Beyond Compare

Windows can replace a backsplash to create a special ambience in your kitchen. The countertops are illuminated with natural light to showcase your ingredients and finished dishes. Enjoy the view while you prep, chop and wash up. Fill your kitchen with light by letting in daylight on both sides of the room.
A Backsplash Beyond Compare
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7. Shelves Backed by Daylight

Increase storage and daylight at the same time with window-backed shelves in your kitchen. Windows situated behind shelves establish a bright culinary space that highlights your glassware and provides proper lighting for house plants. Enjoy extensive views by replacing traditional opaque walls with beautiful windows.
Shelves Backed by Daylight
8. Choose Windows Over Cabinets

Replace traditional upper cabinets with large picture windows to create a bright, modern kitchen. The oversized island bathed in natural light provides ample storage underneath. Large windows, instead of extensive upper cabinetry, supply stunning views that integrate the space with the rest of the home.
Choose Windows Over Cabinets AI416
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9. An Inviting Pantry

Pantries don’t have to be dark and cluttered. Large windows provide light and make this small space feel larger. Plan your meal and measure out ingredients in a pantry that is useful for more than just storage.
An Inviting Pantry
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10. Mirror, Mirror

Enjoy soft morning daylight for those sleepy mornings with a window behind your bathroom mirror. See yourself in flattering natural light for a realistic view at how you will look out and about. Natural views surrounding your mirror connect you with your outdoor environment to start your day.
Mirror, Mirror
11. Shower in the Sun

Using a window wall in your shower establishes a restorative space connected to the outdoors. Relax in the tub or rinse off while enjoying floor-to-ceiling views of your surroundings. Enjoy light-filled relaxation as you rejuvenate your body and spirit.
Shower in the Sun

12. A Restaurant with Curb Appeal

A restaurant with large folding windows turns the dining room into a sheltered patio space. These windows fold open to ventilate and provide fresh air and unobstructed views for restaurant patrons. These custom windows draw in people from the sidewalk and keep them coming back for more.
A Restaurant with Curb Appeal
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13. Dutch Doors Deliver

A Dutch door is a flexible and functional option as an entrance to your home. They keep your pets and small children safe and secure indoors while optimizing ventilation. Accept packages and talk to neighbors without having to put on your shoes and venture outside.
Dutch Doors Deliver
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14. Cut Corners

Corner windows create a unique feature in this living room. The wrap-around windows create interesting viewing angles of the backyard and make the most of the exposure with windows on multiple sides to catch sunbeams at different times of the day.
Cut Corners

15. Top Off Your Room with Light

Windows along the ceiling bring layered light into your home. Experience extensive daylighting with long and narrow or arched openings at the highest point on the wall. These windows create airy spaces and accentuate high ceilings.
Top Off Your Room with Light
16. Floor-to-Ceiling Views

Establish amazing views with floor-to-ceiling windows that act as a backdrop in your favorite sitting area. Frame the wonders of nature as you relax and watch the world turn. Connect to your surroundings at a new level with a boundary-less perspective as you read, enjoy a cup of coffee, or converse with family and friends.
Floor-to-Ceiling Views
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17. Tasteful Transitions

Transitional spaces benefit significantly with the addition of large windows. Expansive views visually enlarge these narrow spaces to supply a beautiful and open transition between areas in your home. Ordinary hallways become exceptional and supply a source of light for the interior of your home.
Tasteful Transitions
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Unlock the full potential of a space by incorporating doors and windows in new and interesting ways. Unique applications add daylight to dark areas, decorative interest to ordinary spaces, and added functionality to your home. Whether small, large or in-between, placement and selection of windows and doors can make a big difference in a home or building.
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