7 Ways Windows & Doors Promote Comfort & Well-Being in Your Home

7 Ways Windows & Doors Promote Comfort & Well-Being in Your Home

August 25, 2020

Windows and doors are a home's bridge between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Here are several ways they can contribute to healthier living.

Windows and doors can have a profound effect on our comfort and well-being. They are one of the only truly interactive elements of our homes, bridging both inside and outdoors. They make us feel safe and connected, physically and visually. They help improve our mood and our health.

Here are seven ways in which correctly chosen windows and doors can contribute to healthier living:


1. Take a Deep Breath

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Opening our windows and doors gives us a breath of fresh air. Proper ventilation not only alleviates odors, it also can prevent a buildup of indoor air pollutants and bacteria. Optimizing airflow reduces moisture condensation that can lead to mold and mildew, which in turn, can cause sinus and respiratory problems.

Different types of windows and doors can provide ventilation in various ways. Casement windows swing wide to harvest the breeze. Double hung windows allow for top and bottom ventilation. Awning windows open at the bottom to maintain airflow even in wet conditions. Sliding and folding doors and windows can completely open up a home's walls.


2. Easy for Everyone

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When windows and doors are difficult to open, we tend to leave them closed. Removing obstacles in daily life greatly increases our comfort level and lets us focus on our own well-being. Applying the concepts of universal design, we can create spaces that improve accessibility for everyone to enjoy their benefits.

Out-of-reach windows can be automated to open and close at the push of a button. Large lever handles, smooth sill transitions, and alternate hardware for double hung windows take less strength and mobility to operate, making it easier for anyone to use their windows and doors.


3. Welcome Sunshine

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Letting natural sunlight into our homes helps regulate our mental health by promoting a proper circadian rhythm, boosting mood, and preventing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during winter. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, a nutrient essential for optimal health. Adding windows and doors with large expanses of glass to a home brightens the space and minimizes the need for light fixtures.

Basking in the sunshine is lovely, but we don't always want the extra heat. There are many glass choices available to keep you perfectly comfortable, rain or shine. You can even fine-tune the glass for your windows and doors to accommodate the unique views and activities for each room.


4. Conserve Energy, Enhance Comfort

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Protecting and preserving the health of our natural environment supports our own health and well-being. Energy-efficient home designs accomplish both. High-performance windows and doors with Low-E coatings help reduce the need for heating, cooling, and electric lighting without any inconvenience or sacrifice to our comfort.

As location and climate permit, we also can open our windows to enjoy the advantage of passive cooling and ventilation without consuming additional energy. Choosing windows and doors that meet the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) and ENERGY STAR® standards further supports your contribution toward a healthy, comfortable environment – inside and out.


5. Naturally, Well Designed

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Selecting an item that's carefully crafted from natural materials – whether it's a dining room table, a piece of fine art, or windows and doors – is one of the choices that help your house become a home. Naturally sourced, well-built materials have a comfortable, calming effect.

High-quality windows and doors are typically composed of natural ingredients, such as wood, metal and glass. Wood species and products certified by The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) ensure that your wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Water-based, low-VOC finishes also help safeguard your health and well-being.


6. Quality, Quiet Time

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While windows and doors provide us with a wonderful connection to the world outside, sometimes, we need our privacy. As a place of rest and reflection, your home should give you a comfortable, safe space to recharge and re-energize, so you can be an active, healthy member of your family and your community.

Choosing quality-crafted windows and doors with high-performance glass that enables you to block out exterior noise, or add privacy and shading with specialty glass options, for a peaceful interior where you can meditate, recuperate and relax.


7. Find Your Point of View

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Views of the outside are a boon for health, comfort and well-being. Windows and doors can frame beautiful panoramas to create seasonally dynamic, naturally-composed artwork. Expansive views of the surrounding environment envelope and decorate our homes with calming interior spaces. From these vantage points, we can more easily find our own perspective and unique vision.

Your comfort and health are directly affected by your natural surroundings. Support your well-being by choosing easy-to-operate windows and doors that contribute to proper ventilation, daylighting, energy efficiency, noise reduction and expansive views.

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