18 Ways to Style Black Windows & Doors

18 Ways to Style Black Windows & Doors

April 25, 2022

Gain inspiration from our favorite applications of black windows and doors.

As black continues to dominate as a popular color choice in window and door finishes, our team came up with a list of our favorite eighteen Kolbe® projects incorporating black windows and doors that are sure to inspire. With selections from various product lines, in numerous styles, and from all regions, we’ve collected a variety of solutions that feature many of the black hues from our extensive color palette.

1. Simulate Steel

Windows Simulate Steel

This home mimics the appearance of steel to perfection when the homeowners selected a dark finish for their wood interior swinging doors and added a custom solution option to replicate the characteristic lock box often found on true steel doors. The narrow frames and clean black lines of the performance divided lites help reinforce the aesthetic.

2. Utilize High Contrast

Window and Doors that Utilize High Contrast - AL510

The stark contrast of black on white allows the natural color palette surrounding your home to really shine. Black direct sets, casements and awnings against white siding truly stand out, and contrast with the colors, shapes, and organic nature of the landscape.

3. Open Up the Views

Embrace expansive views - AH807

Embrace expansive views and indoor-outdoor living with multi-slide doors and clerestory awnings that admit additional daylight into the room. These Ebony-stained windows and doors define the openings against the cool coastal canvas.

4. Stand Out from the Shiplap

Farmhouse Window - AK305

We love the farmhouse vibes of this bathroom and want to soak up the view. Create contrast against white shipboard walls and light marble floors, using Midnight colored casements and direct sets with performance divided lites to boldly frame the landscape.

5. Meld Architectural Styles

Black Radius Window - AL308

Reinterpret traditional design details on a grander scale to create a focal point for the room. An Onyx finish replicates the look of historic black steel framing, with performance divided lites that mimic true divided lites traditionally used in English Tudor architecture.

6. Blend with the Background

Midnight windows and doors to coordinate with dark siding

Finish your window and door frames in Midnight to coordinate with dark siding. They will blend with the color of the house, receding from view to let the glass walls take center stage.

7. Match Your Décor

black oversized direct sets and low placed awnings - AL514

Coordinate black oversized direct sets and low placed awnings with the color of your table or other large furniture to keep items grounded in the room. The black color gives them weight while allowing the rest of the space to feel light and airy.

8. Balance Old & New

Casements and awnings placed behind the shelves with black divided lites - W200

Transform antiquated spaces of a historical home into ventilated, light-filled rooms, while maintaining architectural authenticity. Casements and awnings placed behind the shelves with black divided lites update the home with modern energy efficiency and innovative style.

9. Comprise a Window Wall

Modern Cozy Cabin with a Window Wall - AK610

Combine multiple direct set windows to create a large wall of glass with floor-to-ceiling views. The clean black lines amplify an industrial, contemporary aesthetic against a rustic design, while complementing the natural materials and color palette, both inside and out.

10. Reinforce Geometry

Geometric Windows - AJ300

Onyx windows and doors accentuate the roofline and boldly stand out within the dynamic geometric shape of the house. The dark frames clearly define the openings, while capturing top-to-bottom views, ventilation, and outdoor connections.

11. Integrate with Nature

Wall of Black Windows  - AH401

Windows and doors can blend interior and exterior spaces together, to instill feelings of health and wellness. Create a calming and serene environment, with Ebony-stained casements, direct sets and outswing doors that welcome the sights, smells and sounds of the ocean.

12. Frame the Scenery

Floor to Ceiling Windows with a Sunset - AB704

Black window frames dramatically capture the sunrise and sunset, and everything in between. Turning every view into an outlined still life, a series of black direct set windows on two adjacent walls allows picture-perfect, panoramic views.

13. Modernize Traditional Design

Office with a Wall of Windows - Y108

Use black direct set windows with divided lites to create delicate grid patterns that contrast with light-colored walls and flooring. The sunny space provides floor-to-ceiling views and a perfect growing environment for interior plants.

14. Create Corner Views

Modern Glass Barn - X205

Combine direct set windows into massive walls of glass, with stacked corner windows offering unobstructed 180˚ views. The Coal Black frames along with the linear patterns of the sun shades and support structure pair together to create a visually intriguing building that draws you in.

15. Create Natural Contrast

Kitchen with Wall of Black Windows - AG404

Balance the soft natural tones and materials used in cabinetry, floors and countertops with strong Coal Black sliding doors. Slim performance divided lites and direct set transoms add horizontal details, while providing expansive views and indoor-outdoor connections.

16. Illuminate the Entryway

French Door Surrounded in Black Windows  - AH903

Create a light-filled entryway to your backyard oasis that contrasts with the neutral tones of the surrounding materials. Coal Black inswing doors flanked by direct sets with performance divided lites and transoms create a large expanse of glass that emits the warm glow of the interior to draw you equally back inside, as out.

17. Complement Your Design

Coal Black Double Hung Windows - -S3026

Add a modern twist to traditional design with black windows and doors offset by contrasting trim colors to boldly outline the openings. These Coal Black double hung windows with performance divided lites are complemented by white brickmould and dark red siding.

18. Combine Windows & Doors

Open Concept Living with Floor to Ceiling Windows - AC902

Who needs artwork when the windows and doors create an interesting visual element within the space. Boldly create floor-to-ceiling configurations of mixed window and door types for unique patterns that combine horizontal and vertical shapes.

Whether your project is a new construction or a remodel, our distinct product lines, options, and custom solutions will allow your home to showcase one-of-a-kind openings. And with an extensive color palette – including a range of black hues and custom colors – the possibilities are endless.

Kolbe Windows & Doors can help bring your unique vision to life. For more information about our products and options, contact one of our representatives to find out why – We’re for the visionaries.®

We're for the visionaries.®

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