Why You Should Consider a Kitchen Pass-Through Window

Why You Should Consider a Kitchen Pass-Through Window

September 20, 2019

When you want your home to extend beyond its walls and to embrace the outdoor environment, pass-through windows ease that transition.

Pass-through windows provide you with the practical convenience and elegant luxury of expanding your living and entertaining spaces to the outdoors.

What You Should Know About Pass-Through Windows

The two types of pass-through windows are folding and sliding windows. As their names describe, the windows can either fold and stack within the opening or slide to the side.


Folding pass-through windows can be designed to either stack to one side or split in the middle and stack to both sides. Ideal for very large openings, some folding windows can span up to 52 feet wide overall. Because the panels stack back toward the sides, the opening for pass-through service is generous in comparison to sliding windows, which have a smaller ratio of opening to overall width.

Pass-Through Slider

Sliding pass-through windows have a minimalist aesthetic with little hardware and are ideal for tight spaces where no protrusion is desired, either indoors or outdoors. They are offered in single, double, triple and quad configurations. While any configuration can include a sill that allows for easy pass-through, quad sliding windows with four panels are generally chosen for this purpose, as they can span up to 14 feet wide overall.

Why You Might Need a Pass-Through Window

Merging outdoor and indoor living spaces is the main purpose for pass-through windows. They bridge the indoor kitchen prep area to the outdoor deck, porch or patio. Whether you're enjoying a simple grill-out with family, or hosting a summer barbecue party, a pass-through window will keep everyone connected to the food and conversation.

Pass-Through Windows
Ideal for areas with limited space, pass-through windows fit well around pool areas, fire pits, grill stations, stoves and sinks.

What are Some Common Mistakes When Choosing a Kitchen Pass-Through Window?

Common mistakes can be avoided by visualizing various scenarios throughout the seasons. Are you in a hurricane prone, coastal region where laminated impact glass will be required to meet code? Are you near a lake or other region where insect screens may need to be available? Is there traffic noise or pool party sounds beyond the window that you'd like to minimize when the window is closed? Do you need to protect valuable interior furnishings, fabric and artwork from fading by UV rays? If you will have a screen, how will it operate and will the window size allow all users to reach it? Do you envision a walk-up opening, or would you like seating for four or more opposite the server without obstruction?

Folding Windows
It is also important to fully understand your options. Review the full range of choices available – including potential wood species selections, factory finish types and colors for the frame and sash of the exterior and interior, sill types, screens, locking mechanisms, as well as hardware style, function and finish. With some thought and strategic design, these windows can coordinate with any architectural style – from traditional homes to contemporary designs – and complement any interior d├ęcor.

Pass-Through Windows

What Else Should You Keep in Mind with a Pass-Through Window

In addition to the numerous ways you can create a pass-through window to match your unique style and space, remember that a folding or sliding window can have a low-profile or recessed sill. This means that the channel can sit low and even with the counter, which is great for passing large trays of food across.

Pass-Through Windows

Visit a showroom or discuss your project with a design and building team to see creative pass-through window configurations and possibilities.

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