Make the Most of Your Space with Geometric Windows

Make the Most of Your Space with Geometric Windows

January 26, 2024

Give your windows that unexpected twist. Explore how geometric and radius windows can reshape the interior and exterior of your home’s design.

The style and shape of a window can quickly transform traditional architecture into a personalized space. With the increasing desire for maximum natural light, unexpected design, and enhanced curb appeal, non-traditional window shapes are incorporated into more and more homes and buildings. Both geometric and radius shapes can fill unusual niches as stand-alone units and companion pieces. They can also mull with other window and door products to create larger, more specialized openings.

Because of their distinctive look, geometric windows can draw the eye, define a structure, or emphasize a home’s essential concept, all while extending daylight and views. If standard windows just don’t fit your design, it may be time to explore geometric windows.

Get inspired by 10 of our favorite examples of thoughtfully placed geometric and radius windows:

1. Echo the Silhouette

Although square or rectangle window shapes suit many home structures and styles, geometric windows can accentuate the core features of an architectural design. Combine various shapes, sizes and styles to create a stunning opening that maximizes your space while highlighting the one-of-a-kind contour of your home.
AJ300 Set VistaLuxe WD
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2. Follow the Roofline

Triangle, pentoid, trapezoid and parallelogram windows utilize the wall space under the roof to embrace additional light and extend views vertically. With vaulted ceilings, you can follow the angle of the roofline to enhance the overall shape, achieving an awe-inspiring, floor-to-ceiling wall of glass.
VistaLuxe WD AK610 and AL606
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3. Break the Pattern

A half-circle window added over an existing casement or a round window sandwiched between traditional doors can both break up the linear rectangle shapes and add unique visual interest to your design with the introduction of a soft curve. Even incorporating a custom-shaped transom or sidelites around an entrance or sliding door can achieve this effect, further welcoming additional light into key areas of the home.
Ultra Series AI231 and AD735
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Ultra Series AA217

4. Fill a Void

Geometric windows can transform an irregularly-shaped wall into a unique space. To better utilize an angled wall or odd-shaped corner, fill it with windows to maximize light and views while adding character and architectural interest.
VistaLuxe WD LINE AK613 and Ultra Series AK505
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5. Reclaim a Space

Other obscure areas of the home, like closets, bathrooms, hallways or staircases, can be opened up and brightened up with non-traditional window shapes. Draw attention to underutilized or overlooked areas with a single or multiple geometric windows, adding natural light where there previously was none or not enough.
Ultra Series AH332 and Y218
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6. Create a Centerpiece

A geometric or radius window turns an ordinary opening into a showcase for the home. Whether round, arched or trapezoid, shaped windows can easily become the focal point of the home’s design. Performance divided lites can further enhance both traditional and modern architectural design, making it all the more iconic – especially when painted black to look like steel.
VistaLuxe WD AL308 and Ultra Series Q205
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7. Customize a Shape

Sometimes the standard geometric or radius window doesn’t quite suit the architectural style of a design. In this case, we can create custom windows to your specifications. They can be trefoil or clover, or they can combine several angles and curves to create a special shape, achieving a truly singular aesthetic.
Ultra Series Y211 Y235
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8. Work Around Structure

Geometric and radius windows can fill odd-shaped areas around chimneys or structural elements to open up a wall. You can also wrap a series of radius windows around corner walls, with custom divided lites bringing the modern look of steel to an otherwise traditional design.
Ultra Series AI227 and AK805
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9. Embrace the Efficiency

Typically constructed without an operating sash, geometric and radius windows aren’t often made to open. As a result, they are very energy efficient and keep the indoor environment comfortable. Of course, they can be customized to be operational, as well.
Ultra Series AI501 and AI506
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10. Honor a Tradition

Geometric windows are perfect for historical replication, providing options for custom divided lites, patterns and profiles to match the original character of a structure. Gothic windows with performance divided lites and radius double hung windows mimic the architectural details of historic designs, with custom brickmould and casing added to further accentuate the aesthetic.
Heritage Series X906 and F403
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Geometric and radius windows are versatile enough to enhance both modern and traditional architecture. While both styles can work together quite seamlessly, triangles, pentoids and trapezoids coordinate more with the lines of modern architecture, while radius windows lean more toward a traditional aesthetic, softening the lines with gentle curves.

Whatever your design, consider geometric or radius windows to bring additional light, views and architectural interest to your project. Why not maximize your wall space with distinctive window shapes that give your home the attention it deserves?

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