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Kolbe introduces American style Hoppe hardware for swinging doors.

Wausau, Wisconsin (Nov. 2023) – Kolbe Windows & Doors has expanded its offering of Hoppe swing door hardware to include both a European and an American Style handle set option with multi-point locking functionality.
Introduced at the 2023 National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show (NAHB IBS), the American Style handle set features a locking cylinder located above the handle, while the European Style lock is situated below. Unique functionality allows quick locking of the door with the deadbolt, independent of the multi-point extensions.
“Hoppe’s American Style hardware not only provides another option for functionality and aesthetic – it also offers added convenience to the user,” said Kolbe’s president, Jeff De Lonay.
Available on a 35- or 45-mm backset, the American Style handle set features Hoppe’s LokRite™ functionality, which requires no sequential order of operation, as with the European Style. French door operation is also enhanced, as the lock prevents the secondary door from opening before the primary door.
Kolbe’s offering of Hoppe hardware is available in a variety of styles and finishes within the VistaLuxe WD LINE, Ultra Series, Heritage Series and Forgent® Series.
To learn more about Kolbe’s hardware styles and finishes, please visit our website.

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Kolbe Expands Hoppe Hardware selection with American style



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