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Kolbe introduces new and improved online gallery experience

Wausau, Wisconsin (Aug. 2020) – Kolbe Windows & Doors' online "Gallery" now offers robust filters and search capabilities, along with a refined user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

"With over 1,500 photos, 80 videos and numerous project case studies, there is a significant library of visuals to explore," said Cindy Bremer, Kolbe's vice president of marketing. "The Custom Solutions section of the Gallery further showcases one-of-a-kind window and door photos taken on the manufacturing floor."
Beyond inspiration and information, the Gallery allows users to easily share photos, videos and project case studies with others by using a new "share" button. The improved dynamic filtering aids in referencing images by specific criteria. Once an image is selected, the added image carousel provides quick access to other photos associated with the same project.
Recently added project stories include:

"We continually update all areas of our website and strive to provide the necessary tools and enhancements that lead to a successful user experience," added Bremer.
"Our enhanced Gallery provides a valuable resource, to help spark ideas and offer unique window and door solutions."

To check out Kolbe's new Gallery, please visit

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What began in 1946 as a two-brother team has grown into an internationally respected manufacturing company. Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of windows and doors for residential and commercial markets. After more than 70 years, Kolbe products are best known for superior quality, custom craftsmanship, attention to detail, as well as innovative and unique designs.