Ocean House

Ocean House

Architect: Centerbrook Architects & Planners | Builder: Dimeo Construction Company | Distributor: Cleary Millwork 

A total of 530 Kolbe impact windows and 123 doors were installed on Ocean House. The high performance energy and impact features integral to the products helped make the hotel safe and sound for coastal visitors well into the future.
Kolbe was one of four different windows we tested. All four competitors were required to meet building codes, as well as rigorous standards for energy performance and hurricane force winds.
We were pleased with [Kolbe’s] muntin profile, which replicated the original very closely. What distinguished Kolbe’s products was their speed of installation. Kolbe’s window took about 20 minutes to install, whereas their competitor’s took up to an hour. With more than 500 windows to install on Ocean House, this represented a huge cost savings.

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