Care & Maintenance

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General Maintenance

Maintenance Guide

With proper maintenance and care, windows and doors should retain their beauty for many years to come. This maintenance guide defines the various elements of a window or door, as well as operating and maintenance procedures — such as glass, weather stripping, screens, hardware, and exterior finish. It also includes product assistance in the form of questions and answers, as well as general information about condensation.

Care and Maintenance of Hardware

This document includes general information about the properties and care of various hardware finish types.

Maintenance & Touch-up for Aluminum Clad Products

Touch Up for Aluminum Paint Finishes

Touch-up paints supplied by Kolbe may be different for each type of product. This document provides basic information on preparing surfaces for touch-up and various methods of touch-up.

Maintenance for Fluoropolymer

Fluoropolymer is a vibrant and durable finish for the exterior of windows and doors. This document provides guidelines for inspecting, cleaning, and otherwise caring for that finish.

Maintenance for 70% PVDF Fluoropolymer Paint Finish

Includes information for maintaining the fluoropolymer finish on Ultra Series and VistaLuxe® Collection extruded aluminum products.

Anodized Finish Care & Maintenance

Includes scratch and dirt/grease removal information for products with an anodized finish on the exterior.

On-Site Finishing

Finishing your Kolbe Windows & Doors

Painting or finishing windows and doors in a timely manner on the job site is critical to maintaining them, as well as to meeting the product warranty conditions. This document provides recommendations and advice about timing, preparation, methods of finishing, and types of finish.

K-Kron II Finish for Wood Products

Information About the K-Kron II Finish

K-Kron II is a high performance coating system for factory finishing wood windows and doors. This document discusses the properties of wood, K-Kron II, and the finishing process.

Refinishing Recommendations for K-Kron II

K-Kron II is a high quality paint-like coating that is factory-applied to Kolbe's wood windows and doors. This document provides recommendations for refinishing products with K-Kron II depending on the condition before refinishing.

Basic Facts on Finishing

This document includes a variety of information, such as recommendations for installation as it relates to the K-Kron II finish, properties of wood and common practices for finger-jointing wood in Kolbe products, choosing colors using color samples and providing color samples when custom colors are requested, as well as priming methods and recommendations.

Maintenance Recommendations for K-Kron II

K-Kron II is a vibrant and durable finish for windows and doors. This guide provides recommendations for inspecting, cleaning and maintaining that finish.

Other Maintenance Issues

Moisture Maintenance Issues for the Home

Due to today's tight construction methods, moisture can become an issue in some homes. This document discusses general considerations of moisture in a home, the conditions that can lead to condensation on windows and doors, as well as how moisture can affect Kolbe products and finishes applied both at the factory and on the job site.

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