Kolbe Expands Smart Glass Offerings

Kolbe Expands Smart Glass Offerings

February 23, 2024

A new glass option provides Kolbe windows and doors with additional privacy capabilities.

Kolbe Windows & Doors’ growing selection of technology-driven solutions now includes CLiC™ On-demand Privacy Glass from Cardinal Glass Industries.

CLiC™ is a glass option for quickly adjusting the level of privacy provided by a window or door, switching between obscured and transparent glass at the touch of a button. This gives users another opportunity to shape how they experience their space and their surroundings through their windows and doors.

CLiC™ uses a polymer stabilized cholesteric texture (PSCT) liquid crystal technology. Like comparable technologies, the glass transitions from nearly opaque to virtually transparent when power is applied. Unlike similar smart glass options, this layer is applied directly to the glass without the use of a film. CLiC™ can be controlled through standard light switches, touch panels, or home automation systems.

This smart glass option is available for a selection of VistaLuxe WD LINE direct sets; Ultra Series casements, awnings, direct sets and swinging doors; and Forgent® Series All Glastra® casements, awnings, and direct sets.

Explore CLiC™ and the other innovative solutions Kolbe has to offer across their product lines.

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