Kolbe Partners with LuxWall for Vacuum Glass

Kolbe Partners with LuxWall for Vacuum Glass

February 13, 2024

A new partnership with a Michigan-based manufacturer explores the exciting potential of vacuum insulating glass in select Kolbe windows and doors.

Kolbe Windows & Doors has formed a partnership with LuxWall, Inc. to offer vacuum insulating glass (VIG) as a new, high-efficiency glass option for designers, builders and homeowners.

VIG is an innovative technology that features a nearly airless space between two panes of glass called a vacuum. The unique characteristics of the vacuum allow the glass to achieve insulating values similar to that of wall insulation. LuxWall’s VIG design—called Enthermal™—dramatically reduces heat gain from the sun and heat loss from a warmed interior, decreasing energy consumption and costs. An additional benefit of Enthermal is the potential for improved acoustic performance when compared to standard glass products.

When compared to similar high-efficiency glass technologies like triple-pane glass, Enthermal is significantly thinner and lighter. These characteristics are inspiring potential applications not only in new construction but also in residential renovation and historical retrofit projects.

LuxWall’s Enthermal will be available as a glass option in select Kolbe® products later this spring.

Read the full press release here. To stay up to date on the latest news about the Enthermal option at Kolbe, please register at kolbewindows.com/contact-us-luxwall.

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